Gemeng des scholen – Learn how to write

What is education?

As is known in science education all conscious and deliberate actions and behaviour of a relatively more experienced people to enable one each less experienced for independent living.Education so we call all the actions, by people trying to improve the personality of another person permanently in any way. Education is aimed primarily at children and adolescents.

The reason is that the newcomers are still unfinished, in need of help, especially adaptive and influence in this world. You must acquire by learning what they need to lead to self-knowledge and ability for their lives. In all societies and at all times it is the responsibility of adults to help their children. They should ensure that the offspring will be able to cope with life.

In the narrow sense, we mean by education, the intentional and purposeful interaction bypassing, especially adults with children. Socialization can be defined as the whole process of shaping the behavior expectations and controls, whereas the education conscious and planned part of the tendency to allow an exploration of the traditional norms is. The relationship between mother – child and father – child is discussed in general in terms of parenting behaviour.

Complex neural connections in the brain that determine the thoughts, actions and feelings of a person develop, not by themselves, because their formation depends on how and what a person uses his brain. The decisive factor is the individual experiences that he could do in his life or had. The most important experience which people shape the course of their lives, experiences that arise from living with others.

The structure and functioning of the human brain are determined by social relationship experiences. The human brain is a social product, a social institution, because social experiences are associated with the activation of emotional centres, which neurotransmitters are released that contribute to the facilitation and strengthening of interconnections in the brain.

Emotions are therefore the key “trigger” for all learning processes, because without such activation of emotional centres in the brain is not liable. Even by imitating, a child can achieve more than what it is independently capable of mimicking the performance is related to his real level of development. From this, the importance of adult role models derived, because by the competent guidance of adult role models, children can recognize and develop their own skills and capabilities.

Education is therefore always co-constructivism, which is reconstructed by education cultural knowledge such as language, thinking, problem solving, etc.

Essays with feeling – the best essays

Who is to write an essay, usually the topic is already known. Of course, it is better if you can choose the topic for an essay itself. Nevertheless, even when given essay topics there are great opportunities for manoeuvre to own creative variations and changes.

It is always very important to find out what aspect of the topic of an essay you want special treatment. To discover, is already an essential part of his own creative power. Of course, this does not mean to deviate from the topic and to invent something very separate.

Anyone with the object on which it wishes to focus will also write a very good essay. Those are probably the essential writing tips that apply to writing all the essays. It makes no difference whether you are writing a factual article, a school essay or a creative essay. Just creative writing are suitable experiences and events at the centre. They should now be placed in a beautiful essay.

In this case also comes with language and wordplay of particular importance. Finally, you write a good essay not only when they meet the right topic and explain, but if they are your thoughts and experiences in a pictorial language. The imagination of the reader is stimulated by such essays and designed the reader interested in your essay.Anyway, it is an advantage for when you put a few hours or even a day or two to think about the essay topic or to write the essay and prepare.

It is also particularly important to pay attention to soft information, e.g. to pay attention to dreams and to listen to their intuition. Sometimes you can also talk with other people about the topic. If you look to the essay topic and the development of the essay so intensely busy, you can only bring forth truly successful essays.To conclude that one should when writing and writing essays not only focus on the structure of the essay, as well as to the language but also on his own feelings.

Education: Studying online

At German universities are gold rush is spreading. This is due to our old friend, the Internet. After years of e-learning experiments, universities have discovered the social aspect of the online world for themselves. Lectures, seminars, courses are combined with new media and social networks.

This is not only interactive; it could mean a completely new dimension to higher education.By a “radical” change, process for academic training speaks about the Leuphana University in Lüneburg. Since January, she has her own “Digital School” in the teaching portfolio. This is an online platform where course content and teaching materials specially prepared for participants in the Internet and presented. For students, it should be as possible, free from anywhere in the world at any time have access to courses offered by the university can be. Presence of local events are not necessary. The contact with the professor, lecture, questions, tests, teamwork on specific tasks – all of which takes place online.

More than 13,000 participants from over 100 countries

Interactive courses are offered in many places in Germany. A prominent pioneering role as the HassoPlattner Institute (HPI) is a University of Potsdam. This was back in September of last year, the first free open online course started – in engineering jargon also Moocs (Massive open online courses). The English curriculum was aimed at IT professionals around the world who wanted to know more about a new type of database technology, the in-memory data management.

The teaching materials for „Introduction to Artificial Intelligence” is offered as an online course and immediately won over 160,000 students from 190 countries.In the course of the past year were added powerful competitors: The Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University have together launched the online teaching platform EDX, for which have so far 350,000 students enrolled.

Thruns former Stanford colleagues also founded the platform Coursera, recorded already after six months 1.7 million subscriptions in various courses. All of these offers are free for now. Given the huge inflow speaks Stanford President Professor John Hennessy believes that the universities, a “digital tsunami” in isolation.