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What is education?

As is known in science education all conscious and deliberate actions and behaviour of a relatively more experienced people to enable one each less experienced for independent living.Education so we call all the actions, by people trying to improve the personality of another person permanently in any way. Education is aimed primarily at children and adolescents.

The reason is that the newcomers are still unfinished, in need of help, especially adaptive and influence in this world. You must acquire by learning what they need to lead to self-knowledge and ability for their lives. In all societies and at all times it is the responsibility of adults to help their children. They should ensure that the offspring will be able to cope with life.

In the narrow sense, we mean by education, the intentional and purposeful interaction bypassing, especially adults with children. Socialization can be defined as the whole process of shaping the behavior expectations and controls, whereas the education conscious and planned part of the tendency to allow an exploration of the traditional norms is. The relationship between mother – child and father – child is discussed in general in terms of parenting behaviour.

Complex neural connections in the brain that determine the thoughts, actions and feelings of a person develop, not by themselves, because their formation depends on how and what a person uses his brain. The decisive factor is the individual experiences that he could do in his life or had. The most important experience which people shape the course of their lives, experiences that arise from living with others.

The structure and functioning of the human brain are determined by social relationship experiences. The human brain is a social product, a social institution, because social experiences are associated with the activation of emotional centres, which neurotransmitters are released that contribute to the facilitation and strengthening of interconnections in the brain.

Emotions are therefore the key “trigger” for all learning processes, because without such activation of emotional centres in the brain is not liable. Even by imitating, a child can achieve more than what it is independently capable of mimicking the performance is related to his real level of development. From this, the importance of adult role models derived, because by the competent guidance of adult role models, children can recognize and develop their own skills and capabilities.

Education is therefore always co-constructivism, which is reconstructed by education cultural knowledge such as language, thinking, problem solving, etc.

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